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9KVA~72.5KVA Yangdong Diesel Generator Set

Yangdong.Co.,Ltd. is the largest production base that manufactures small bore and multi cylinders diesel engines. It is a national high-tech enterprise. The production has such excellence as following: the variety is satisfied, the performance is outstanding and the emission capability is well. Also, the production has been certificated by the ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system.

In recent years, Yangdong has developed more than 10 new types of diesel engines that are in demand. At present, we have 14 series, including bore of 75, 80, 85, 90, 100, 102, 105 and 108 (mm), and more than 500 types of multi cylinders diesel engines. All of them are the idea power for light cars, farming vehicles, combined croppers, engineering machines, generator sets and water pumps. For being compliant with the requirement of the environment protection, the technology of pressure-gained with normal cold temperature applied to the small-power diesel engines is popularized in force to make the emission index measure up the EuroⅡand Euro Ⅲ Emission Control Regulations. Nowadays some of our production has passed the certification of EPA in U.S.

Victory Yangdong series diesel gensets offered by Victory Power Generation are manufactured strictly accord to the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system. Our company has commanded the design of diesel gensets well with the overseas companies' great support and the years' experience. Besides the design of industry workshop, our company also has good experience with the design for the monitors in intellectualized building, including connection, remote device, engine room without on duty, soundproof design and installation. Up till now, there are thousands gensets with control monitor provided by Victory Power Generation, which proves the high preponderant situation of Victory Power Generation.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency 50HZ, 1500RPM, Rating voltage 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V

Frequency 60HZ, 1800RPM, Rating voltage 208V/120V, 220V/127V, 480V/277V

Power Factor 0.8(lagging) or 1.0

Protection Standard: IP21-IP23

Model of Connection: 3 phase or single phase

Insulation Grade: H/F

Stable voltage ≤±2.5%

Voltage-form distortion rate≤5%

Brushless excitation

General specifications of silent canopy:

Modular design; Anti-corrosion powder coated; Insulated with acoustic foam lining;

Central lifting ring; exhaust pipe can be removed which is easy for transportation;

Lockable doors with key; Protective mesh for rotating parts;

Exterior emergency stop push button; Thermally insulated engine exhaust system;

Panel observing window; Access to radiator filling or cap


1. High fuel efficiency: Fewer fuel consumption at leading level than other competitive products.

2. Advanced design and manufacturing: Make the engine delivers superior performance and lower cost than competitive engines.

3. Excellent cold start performance: Optional assistant cold starter with improved 6.6KW starter and intake air heater.

4. Excellent performance and advantage: Adopt advanced design to achieve higher horsepower and lower weight.

5.Big enough free maintenance battery, world famous brand.

6.Packing with Strong and thick enough WOOD CASE to protect the gensets during long transporation.

7.Every spare parts suppliers are choosed extremely stricted, to control the quality well.

8.From engine to whole genset, we test every link of every product, and we also have test machinery and test center.

9.Many spare parts are produced by ourselves, could save cost for customers greatly.

10.We welcome every customer visiting our factory and test our products.

11.We have more than 20 engineers and technicians to provide reliable after sales service to all of our generator sets.

9KVA~66KVA 50HZ Yangdong Diesel Generator Set

Genset modelFrequency
Prime PowerStandby PowerEngineCylinder No.Air intake wayCombustion chamberDisplacement
Stable Timing Rate
Fuel consumption
SIZE for silent type
V8YD507.29810YD380D3NaturalDirect injection1.53285*90≤5≤2621900*730*1130
V9YD50810911.25YD385D3NaturalDirect injection1.53285*90≤5≤2621900*730*1130
V12YD501113.751215YD480D3NaturalDirect injection1.53285*90≤5≤2622100*730*1130
V15YD501417.51519YND485D4NaturalDirect injection2.15685*95≤5≤2452100*730*1130
V18YD5016201822.5YSD490D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2432250*730*1140
V24YD502227.52430Y4100D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2432250*850*1280
V31YD5028353138.75Y4102D4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*850*1280
V36YD5032403645Y4102ZD4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*850*1280
V45YD5040504556.25Y4105ZLD4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*850*1280
V53YD5048605366.25YD4EZLD4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*850*1280

11KVA~72.5KVA 60HZ Yangdong Diesel Generator Set

Genset modelFrequency
Prime PowerStandby PowerEngineCylinder No.Air intake wayCombustion chamberDisplacement
Stable Timing Rate
Fuel consumption
SIZE for silent type
V10YD609111012.5YD380D3NaturalDirect injection1.53285*90≤5≤2621900*730*1130
V11YD601012.51113.75YD385D3NaturalDirect injection1.53285*90≤5≤2621900*730*1130
V15YD601316.251518.75YD480D3NaturalDirect injection1.80980*90≤5≤2492100*730*1130
V18YD6016201822.5YND485D4NaturalDirect injection2.15685*95≤5≤2452100*730*1130
V22YD6020252227.5YSD490D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2432250*850*1140
V33YD603037.53341.25Y4100D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2432250*850*1280
V36YD6032403645Y4102D4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*850*1280
V45YD6040504556.25Y4102ZD4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*1080*1525
V53YD6048605366.25Y4105ZLD4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*1080*1525
V58YD6052655872.5YD4EZLD4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*1080*1525


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