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10KVA~68KVA FAW-Xichai Diesel Generator Set

Victory FAW-Xichai series diesel gensets offered by Victory Power Generation are manufactured strictly accord to the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system. Our company has commanded the design of diesel gensets well with the overseas companies' great support and the years' experience. Besides the design of industry workshop, our company also has good experience with the design for the monitors in intellectualized building, including connection, remote device,  engine room without on duty, soundproof design and installation. Up till now, there are thousands gensets with control monitor provided by Victory Power Generation, which proves the high preponderant situation of Victory Power Generation.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency 50HZ, 1500RPM, Rating voltage 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V

Frequency 60HZ, 1800RPM, Rating voltage 208V/120V, 220V/127V, 480V/277V

Power Factor 0.8(lagging) or 1.0

Protection Standard: IP21-IP23

Model of Connection: 3 phase or single phase

Insulation Grade: H/F

stable voltage ≤±2.5%

voltage-form distortion rate≤5%

Brushless excitation

Genset Features:

1. Brand new famous FAW Xichai water-cooled diesel engine

2. Mounted intelligent famous Brand Smartgen HGM6120 control panel with Auto Starting System

Protection Function: High temperature, Over speed, Low Speed, Low Oil Pressure, Over voltage, Over current, Undervoltage.

3. Synchronous A.C. Alternator Self Excitation System, with AVR delivering non fluctuating power

4. Extemal recessed emergency stop button for extra safety.

5. Radiator with engine driven fan mounted on skid

6. Good quality MCCB breaker mounted

7. Anti-vibration pads fixed between engine/alternator and base frame to ensure the compete genset running stable

8. 24V DC electric start system

9. Free maintenance lead-acid starting battery and its cables

10. Weatherproof and soundproof enclosure high grade steel protected by powder coat painting

11. Industrial primary silencer with flexible connection elbows

11. Fuel tank for at least 8~10 hours continuous running under full load, with fuel gauge integrated on base frame

13. Test report, Set of drawings and Operation&Maintenance English manuals

14. Standard tool kits

15- ATS: Automatic transfer switch bewteen mains power and generating power

10KVA~68KVA 50Hz FAW-Xichai Diesel Generator Set

Genset modelFrequency (Hz)Prime PowerStandby PowerEngineCylinder.Air intake wayCombustion chamberDisplacement (L)Bore*Stroke (mm)Stable Timing Rate(%)Fuel consumption (g/kW.h)SIZE for silent type
V12XC501012.512154DW81-23D4NaturalDirect injection1.53285*90≤5≤2621700*900*1130
V14XC5012151417.54DW81-23D4NaturalDirect injection1.80980*90≤5≤2491700*900*1130
V18XC5016201822.54DW91-29D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2431950*900*1150
V22XC5020252227.54DW92-35D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2431950*900*1150
V26XC5024302632.54DW92-39D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2432050*900*1150
V33XC503037.533414DX21-53D4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402050*900*1150
V45XC5040504556.254DX22-65D4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*1000*1200
V55XC505062.55568.754DX23-78D4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*1000*1200

Frequency 50HZ, 1500RPM, Rating voltage 380V/220V, 400V/230V

Frequency 60HZ, 1800RPM, Rating voltage 208V/120V, 220V/127V, 480V/277V

Power Factor 0.8(lagging) or 1.0

Protection Standard: IP21-IP23

Model of Connection: 3 phase or single phase

Insulation Grade: H/F

Stable voltage ≤±2.5%

Voltage-form distortion rate≤5%

Brushless excitation

FAW Jiefang Automotive Company Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Works (FAWDE), Short for FAW-Xichai. It is a professional diesel engine provider in China, doing business since 1943. Production includes: W, X, K, F, L, M, N series diesel engines for vehicles and power generation system, engineering machinery diesel engines, agricultural diesel engines, marine diesel engines as well as diesel engines for generator sets (gensets) and Semi Trailer. Diesel engine have a high efficiency, burning less fuel than a gasoline engine to perform the same work. Diesel engines are also very reliable, and easily adapt to damp environments, for they have no high-tension electrical ignition system to attend to. They also have more solid parts and better lubrication properties, so they have a longer service life.

FAW-Xichai can provide them with lower emission, higher reliability, lower noise, and lower consumption, as well as lower price. The high product quality is guaranteed by producing facilities, which include an internationally advanced CNC processing department, FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System), and advanced testing equipment introduced from America, Japan and Germany. They supply diesel engines to customers from all over the world, including South America, Middle East, and Africa, as well as many other parts of the world.

15KVA~68KVA 60Hz FAW-Xichai Diesel Generator Set

Genset modelFrequency (Hz)Prime PowerStandby PowerEngineCylinder No.Air intake wayCombustion chamberDisplacement (L)Bore*Stroke (mm)Stable Timing Rate(%)Fuel consumption (g/kW.h)SIZE for silent type
V14XC6012151417.54DW81-28D4NaturalDirect injection1.80980*90≤5≤2491700*900*1130
V18XC6016201822.54DW81-28D4NaturalDirect injection2.15685*95≤5≤2451700*900*1130
V22XC6020252227.54DW91-38D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2431950*900*1150
V26XC6024302632.54DW91-38D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2431950*900*1150
V33XC603037.53341.254DW93-50D4NaturalDirect injection2.54590*100≤5≤2432050*900*1150
V45XC6040504556.254DX22-60D4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402050*900*1150
V55XC605062.55568.754DX23-82D4NaturalDirect injection3.857102*118≤5≤2402250*1000*1200


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