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60KVA~625KVA Original Deutz Diesel Generator Set

Deutz series diesel generator sets are equipped with advanced technology engine. The 60KVA~225KVA diesel generators are equipped with Original Deutz brand engine made by Germany Deutz Inc in China Dalian factory and 225KVA~625KVA diesel generators are powered by Deutz brand engine assembled by Huchai factory. All of Victory~Deutz Diesel Gensets are a set of complete equipment for electrical power supply. Adopting modular design, the engine features compact structure, large power output, economy, reliability, high universality of the spare parts and easy maintenance. Deutz engines, high-quality generators and advanced full-automatic control system are produced through strict test, which together provides reliable power no matter as standby, prime or continuous use. The capacity is is from 60KVA to 625KVA. It is departed into normal generating sets and automatic generating sets according to its control panel. It can be matched into trailer type, soundproof type etc. The manufacturing and inspection of generating sets fit to GB/T2820-1997 Standard. Generator 


Heavy load, durable 4-stroke water-cooled engine;

Small size, light weight, compact structure, efficient output, reliable performance and economy;

Electronic or mechnical governor;

Fuel system

A type multi-cylinder combined injection pump and closed multi-hole injector have been used in combustion system; two-pole fuel filter ensures the cleaning fuel in injection pump, and increases the lifetime of injection pump.

P type small pressure chamber Eurasian extrusive and grinding injector has been used to improve the quality of atomization.


Cylinder Heads: High strength nodular iron casting;

Connecting Rods: Drop Forged High Carbon Alloy Steel;

Crankshaft: High Steel Forging, bolt-on counterweights;

Cylinder liners: Replaceable humid cylinder liner;

Intake System

Dry element air filter with visual restriction indicators, turbocharged (intercooler).

Genset Speicifications:

Frequency 50HZ, 1500RPM, Rating voltage 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V

Frequency 60HZ, 1800RPM, Rating voltage 208V/120V, 220V/127V, 480V/277V

Power Factor 0.8(lagging)

Protection Standard: IP23

Model of Connection: 3 phase 4 lines

Insulation Grade: H

Genset Features:

1. Brand new Germany Brand Deutz water-cooled diesel engine

2. Mounted intelligent European Brand ComAp AMF20 control panel with Auto Starting System

Protection Function: High temperature, Over speed, Low Speed, Low Oil Pressure, Over voltage, Over current, Undervoltage.

3. Synchronous A.C. Alternator Self Excitation System, with AVR delivering non fluctuating power

4. 50℃ Copper-Wire Radiator with engine driven fan mounted on skid

5. Good quality MCCB breaker mounted

6. Reliable anti-vibration mountings

7. 24V DC electric start system

8. Free maintenance lead-acid starting battery and its cables

9. Weatherproof and soundproof enclosure high grade steel protected by powder coat painting

10. Industrial primary silencer with flexible connection elbows

11. Fuel tank for at least 8~10 hours continuous running under full load, with fuel gauge integrated on base frame

12. Test report, Set of drawings and Operation&Maintenance English manuals

13. Standard tool kits

14- ATS: Automatic transfer switch bewteen mains power and generating power

60KVA~625KVA 50Hz Deutz Diesel Generator Set 

Genset modelFrequency (HZ)Prime PowerStandby PowerEngine modelFuel consumption
under full load
CylinderVolt. For start
V53DG5048605366BF4M201216.94L24V1870 x 980 x 1500970
V65DG5058736581BF4M2012C19.34L24V1960 x 980 x 1500 1040
V75DG5068857593BF4M1013EC25.84L24V2140 x 980 x 1700 1180
V88DG508010088110BF4M1013EC25.84L24V2090 x 980 x 1700 1220
V112DG50100125112140BF4M1013FC32.34L24V2280 x 980 x 1700 1310
V132DG50120150132165BF6M1013EC38.56L24V2500 x 980 x 1700 1590
V160DG50146182160200BF6M1013FCG245.96L24V2640 x 1150 x 1790 1710
V180DG50160200180225BF6M1013FCG350.86L24V2640 x 1150 x 17901760
V200DH50180225200250BF6M1015-LAGA536V24V2500 x 1250 x 21502193
V220DH50200250220275BF6M1015C-LAG1A586V24V2630 x 1410 x 21502228
V250DH50230288250313BF6M1015C-LAG2A666V24V2730 x 1410 x 21502423
V280DH50250313280350BF6M1015C-LAG3A736V24V2730 x 1410 x 21502503
V310DH50280350310388BF6M1015C-LAG4826V24V2830 x 1410 x 21502641
V330DH50300375330413BF6M1015CP-LAG896V24V2830 x 1410 x 22302679
V380DH50350438380475BF8M1015C-LAG1A1028V24V3100 x 1560 x 21503263
V400DH50360450400500BF8M1015C-LAG21068V24V3100 x 1560 x 21503263
V420DH50380475420525BF8M1015CP-LAG1A1138V24V3100 x 1560 x 21503263
V440DH50400500440550BF8M1015CP-LAG21188V24V3100 x 1560 x 21503263
V450DH50410513450563BF8M1015CP-LAG31218V24V3100 x 1560 x 21503363
V470DH50430538470588BF8M1015CP-LAG41278V24V3100 x 1560 x 21503363
V500DH50450563500625BF8M1015CP-LAG51338V24V3100 x 1560 x 21503511

70KVA~525KVA 60Hz Deutz Diesel Generator Set 

Genset modelFrequency 
Prime PowerStandby PowerEngine modelFuel consumption
underfull load
CylinderVolt. For start
V62DG6056706278BF4M201218.94L24V1870 x 980 x 1500 970
V77DG6070887796BF4M2012C22.74L24V1960 x 980 x 1500 1040
V84DG60769584105BF4M1013EC284L24V2140 x 980 x 1700 1180
V100DG6090113100125BF4M1013EC284L24V2090 x 980 x 1700 1220
V120DG60110138120150BF4M1013FC36.54L24V2280 x 980 x 1700 1310
V154DG60140175154193BF6M1013EC41.86L24V2500 x 980 x 1700 1590
V200DG60180225200250BF6M1013FCG252.76L24V2640 x 1150 x 1790 1710
V220DG60200250220275BF6M1013FCG360.26L24V2640 x 1150 x 17901760
V220DH60200250220275BF6M1015-LAGB586V24V2500 x 1250 x 21502193
V240DH60220275240300BF6M1015C-LAG1B646V24V2630 x 1410 x 21502228
V264DH60240300264330BF6M1015C-LAG2B706V24V2730 x 1410 x 21502423
V300DH60270338300375BF6M1015C-LAG3B796V24V2730 x 1410 x 21502503
V400DH60360450400500BF8M1015C-LAG1B1068V24V3100 x 1560 x 21503263
V420DH60380475420525BF8M1015CP-LAG1B1128V24V3100 x 1560 x 21503263


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