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38KVA~1031KVA Cummins Marine Diesel Generator Set

Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (USA), Cummins serves customers in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 500 Company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 5, 200 dealer locations.

Cummins marine auxiliary diesel generators are composed of 4BT, 6BT, 6CT, NT, KT marine engines produced by China Cummins Joint Venture Company, and Stamford or Marathon series brushless 3 phases generator. The gensets possess closed cooling water system and protection features for high water oil temperature, low oil pressure and over speed. The rotor of generator is designed of non-salient pole type and provided dampling windings and brushless excitation system.

Victory Cummins series diesel gensets offered by Victory Power Generation are manufactured strictly accord to the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system. Our company has commanded the design of diesel gensets well with the overseas companies' great support and the years' experience. Besides the design of industry workshop, our company also has good experience with the design for the monitors in intellectualized building, including connection, remote device, engine room without on duty, soundproof design and installation. Up till now, there are thousands gensets with control monitor provided by Victory Power Generation, which proves the high preponderant situation of Victory Power Generation.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency 50HZ, 1500RPM, Rating voltage 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V

Frequency 60HZ, 1800RPM, Rating voltage 208V/120V, 220V/127V, 480V/277V

Power Factor 0.8(lagging)

Protection Standard: IP23

Model of Connection: 3 phases 4 wires

Insulation Grade: H

stable voltage ≤±2.5%

voltage-form distortion rate≤5%

With brushless excitation

Genset Features:

1. Brand new famous USA Brand Cummins Marine type water-cooled diesel engine

2. Marine type synchronous A.C. Alternator Self with Self-excitation or PMG Systems, with AVR delivering non fluctuating power

3. Cooling system: heater exchanger and sea water pump

4. Good quality MCCB breaker mounted

5. Anti-vibration pads fixed between engine/alternator and base frame to ensure the compete genset running stable

6. 24V DC electric start system

7. Industrial primary silencer with flexible connection elbows

8. Standard tool kits

9. Test report, Set of drawings and Operation&Maintenance English manuals

Optional Parts:

1. Free maintenance lead-acid starting battery and its cables

2. Fuel tank for at least 8~10 hours continuous running under full load, with fuel gauge integrated on base frame

3. Mounted intelligent famous Brand Smartgen HGM6120 control panel with Auto Starting System

Protection Function: High temperature, Over speed, Low Speed, Low Oil Pressure, Over voltage, Over current, Undervoltage.

3. Extemal recessed emergency stop button for extra safety.

4. Weatherproof and soundproof enclosure high grade steel protected by powder coat painting

5. Radiator with engine driven fan mounted on skid for those Emergency Generators

6- ATS: Automatic transfer switch bewteen mains power and generating power

38KVA~1100KVA 50Hz Cummins Marine Generator Set

Genset ModelFrequency (Hz)Prime Power Stanby PowerCurrent (A)Voltage (V)Engine ModelEngine Power(KW)Rated Speed (rpm)Cylinder
CCFJ-30KW503038 3544 54400 4BTA3.9GM4715004
CCFJ-40KW504050 4556 72 400 4BTA3.9GM4715004
CCFJ-50KW505063 5569 90 400 6BT5.9GM8315006
CCFJ-64KW506480 7594 116 400 6BT5.9GM8315006
CCFJ-75KW507594 83104 135 400 6BT5.9GM8315006
CCFJ-90KW5090113 100125 162 400 6BTA5.9GM10015006
CCFJ-100KW50100125 110138 181 400 6CT8.3GM11515006
CCFJ-130KW50130163 150188 235 400 6CTA8.3GM15515006
CCFJ-200KW50200250 220275 361 400 NTA855G1M24015006
CCFJ-250KW50250313 280350 451 400 NTA855G2M28415006
CCFJ-300KW50300375 330413 542 400 KTA19G2M33615006
CCFJ-350KW50350438 400500 632 400 KTA19G3M40315006
CCFJ-400KW50400500450563722400 KTA19G4M44815006
CCFJ-500KW50500625550688903400 KT38GM560150012
CCFJ-600KW506007506608251083400 KTA38GM664150012
CCFJ-800KW50800100088011001444400 KTA38GM880150012

44KVA~1031KVA 60Hz Cummins Marine Generator Set

Genset ModelFrequency (Hz)Prime Power Stanby PowerCurrent (A)Voltage (V)Engine ModelEngine Power (KW)Rated Speed (rpm)Cylinder
CCFJ-35KW603544 4050 57 440 4BTA3.9GM6518004
CCFJ-45KW604556 5063 74 440 4BTA3.9GM6518004
CCFJ-50KW605063 5569 83 440 4BTA3.9GM6518004
CCFJ-55KW605569 6176 90 440 4BTA3.9GM6518004
CCFJ-55KW605569 6581 90 440 6BT5.9GM10018006
CCFJ-70KW607088 80100 115 440 6BT5.9GM10018006
CCFJ-80KW6080100 92115 131 440 6BT5.9GM10018006
CCFJ-100KW60100125 110138 164 440 6BTA5.9GM12018006
CCFJ-100KW60100125 110138 180 440 6CT8.3GM12918006
CCFJ-130KW60130163 150188 235 440 6CTA8.3GM17518006
CCFJ-250KW60250313 280350 410 440 NTA855G1M28718006
CCFJ-270KW60270338 300375 443 440 NTA855G2M31318006
CCFJ-350KW60350438 400500 574 440 KTA19G2M39218006
CCFJ-400KW60400500 450563 656 440 KTA19G3M46318006
CCFJ-450KW60450563500625738440 KTA19G4M50718006
CCFJ-620KW606207756808501017440 KT38GM679180012
CCFJ-750KW6075093882510311230440 KTA38GM809180012


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