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25KVA~438KVA Weichai Diesel Generator Set

Founded in 1946, Weichai is one of the biggest automobile and equipment manufacturing groups regarding comprehensive strength. Having more than 74,000 employees in the world, the group has achieved 107.5 billion yuan sales income in 2015, ranked 115th of China top 500 enterprises in 2015, 42th of China top 500 manufacturing enterprises and 2th of China top 100 machinery industry enterprises.

Weichai series diesel generator sets are equipped with advanced technological engine made by Weifang Diesel Engine Company, which was a joint venture with Germany Deutz Inc before. So it was usually called Weichai-Deutz in the world before. Victory Weichai Diesel Gen-set is a set of complete equipment for electrical power supply. Adopting modular design, the engine features compact structure, large power output, economy, reliability, high universality of the spare parts and easy maintenance. Deutz engines, high-quality generators and advanced full-automatic control system are produced through strict test, which together provides reliable power no matter as standby, prime or continuous use. The capacity is is from 25KVA to 200KVA. It is departed into normal generating sets and automatic generating sets according to its control panel. It can be matched into trailer type, soundproof type etc. The manufacturing and inspection of generating sets fit to GB/T2820-1997 Standard. 

Generator Features:

Heavy load, durable 4-stroke water-cooled engine;

Small size, light weight, compact structure, efficient output, reliable performance and economy;

Electronic or mechnical governor;

Fuel system

A type multi-cylinder combined injection pump and closed multi-hole injector have been used in combustion system; two-pole fuel filter ensures the cleaning fuel in injection pump, and increases the lifetime of injection pump.

P type small pressure chamber Eurasian extrusive and grinding injector has been used to improve the quality of atomization.


Cylinder Heads: High strength nodular iron casting;

Connecting Rods: Drop Forged High Carbon Alloy Steel;

Crankshaft: High Steel Forging, bolt-on counterweights;

Cylinder liners: Replaceable humid cylinder liner;

Intake System

Dry element air filter with visual restriction indicators, turbocharged (intercooler).

Technical Speicifications:

Frequency 50HZ, 1500RPM, Rating voltage 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V

Frequency 60HZ, 1800RPM, Rating voltage 208V/120V, 220V/127V, 480V/277V

Power Factor 0.8(lagging)

Protection Standard: IP21-IP23

Model of Connection: 3 phase 4 lines

Insulation Grade: H

Genset Features:

1. Brand new famous Wechail water-cooled diesel engine

2. Mounted intelligent European Brand Deepsea DSE6020 control panel with Auto Starting System

Protection Function: High temperature, Over speed, Low Speed, Low Oil Pressure, Over voltage, Over current, Undervoltage.

3. Synchronous A.C. Alternator Self Excitation System, with AVR delivering non fluctuating power

4. Extemal recessed emergency stop button for extra safety.

5. Radiator with engine driven fan mounted on skid

6. Good quality MCCB breaker mounted

7. Anti-vibration pads fixed between engine/alternator and base frame to ensure the compete genset running stable

8. 24V DC electric start system

9. Free maintenance lead-acid starting battery and its cables

10. Weatherproof and soundproof enclosure high grade steel protected by powder coat painting

11. Industrial primary silencer with flexible connection elbows

11. Fuel tank for at least 8~10 hours continuous running under full load, with fuel gauge integrated on base frame

13. Test report, Set of drawings and Operation&Maintenance English manuals

14. Standard tool kits

15- ATS: Automatic transfer switch bewteen mains power and generating power

25KVA~438KVA Weichai Diesel Generator Set 

Genset ModelFrequency
Prime PowerStandby PowerEngine modelFuel consumption
(g/kw.h )
No. of cylinderBore
Lub-oil pan capacity
Coolant capacity
Volt. For start(DC)Measurement
V22F5020252227.5D226B-3D   23931051203.127.7515.524 V1650 x 900 x 1400 780
V28F5024302835D226B-3D   23931051203.127.7515.524 V1650 x 900 x 1400 780
V36F5032403645TD226B-3D22731051203.127.7515.524 V1650 x 900 x 1400 780
V45F5040504556WP4D66E20022541051204.1610.2516.824 V1950 x 1000 x 1450 1020
V55F5050635569WP4D66E20022541051204.1610.2516.824 V1950 x 1000 x 1450 1020
V64F5058736480WP4D100E20022761051206.2510.2516.824 V1950 x 1000 x 1450 1200
V75F5068857593WP4D100E20022761051206.2510.2516.824 V1950 x 1000 x 1450 1200
V88F508010088110WP4D100E20022761051206.251425.824 V2300 x 1000 x 1600 1200
V100F5090113100125WP4D118E20022761051206.251425.824 V2300 x 1000 x 1600 1450
V110F50100125110138WP6D132E20022761051206.251425.824 V2300 x 1000 x 1600 1560
V132F50120150132165WP6D152E20022761051206.251425.824 V2300 x 1000 x 1600 1700
V176F50160200176220WP10D200E20022761051206.251425.824 V2500 x 1000 x 1600 2000
V220F50200250220275WP10D238E20022761051206.251425.824 V2800 x 1100 x 1800 2300
V240F50220275240300WP10D264E20022761051206.251425.824 V2800 x 1100 x 1800 2400
V280F50250313280350WP12D317E20022761051206.251425.824 V2900 x 1100 x 1800 2500
V350F50320400350438WP13D385E20022761051206.251425.824 V2900 x 1100 x 1800 2650

25KVA~200KVA Weichai Diesel Generator Set 

Genset ModelFrequency (HZ)Prime PowerStandby PowerEngine modelFuel consumption
(g/kw.h )
No. of cylinderBore
Lub-oil pan capacity
Coolant capacity
Volt. For start
V22F6020252227.5D226B-3D   23931051203.127.7515.524 V1650 x 900 x 1400 780
V28F6024302835D226B-3D   23931051203.127.7515.524 V1650 x 900 x 1400 780
V33F6030383341D226B-3D   23931051203.127.7515.524 V1650 x 900 x 1400 780
V45F6040504556TD226B-3D22731051203.127.7515.524 V1650 x 900 x 1400 780
V55F6050635569WP4D66E20122541051204.1610.2516.824 V1950 x 1000 x 1450 1150
V88F 608010088110WP4D100E20122761051206.251425.824 V2300 x 1000 x 1600 1450
V110F60100125110138WP4D118E20122761051206.251425.824 V2300 x 1000 x 1600 1450
V120F60110138120150WP6D132E20122761051206.251425.824 V2300 x 1000 x 1600 1600
V140F60128160140175WP6D158E20122761051206.251425.824V2300x 1000 x 1600 1750
V160F60145181160200WP6D180E20122761051206.251425.824V2300x 1000 x 1600 1800


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