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Diesel Generator In China — Winterizing Your Generator

May. 07, 2024

Diesel Generator In China 

When the winter season is just around the corner, you will have to prepare for different things according to the new season. When the temperature drops and becomes colder, you want to make sure that your diesel generator is in fine condition. Whether you have a standby or a portable generator, winterizing it is an essential thing to do. In some parts of China, the weather gets too cold and you don’t want a generator that just doesn’t turn on after a power failure in the middle of the winter. So, how would you winterize a diesel generator in China? You must make sure that your backup or standby generator is prepared and ready to start flawlessly in the cold weather.

Winterizing a Diesel Generator in China

It would be extremely uncomfortable if you find yourself stuck in extremely cold temperatures without heat or power. So, how would you keep your backup generator warm in freezing cold temperatures? Here is how you can keep a diesel generator in China fully functional even in extremely cold temperatures.

1. Storage

If you plan not to use your backup generator during the winter, you can perform a few steps to store it properly. However, these steps depend on the type of generator; gasoline or diesel. Here, we are talking about a diesel engine, so we will discuss winterizing a diesel engine only. When storing your diesel generator, you should pay attention to the diesel fuel. The diesel fuel can make a type of gel in extremely cold temperatures because of the Paraffin presence. It is a wax type that assists with lubrication.

When the temperature goes down, the wax starts to convert diesel fuel into a sort of gel. To avoid this gel from occurring, you should use the cold-flow-improver (CFI). Here, you must ensure that you are using just the right amount of CFI. Keep in mind that overusing CFI will inhibit or hinder the performance of the fuel. Or, you can also use the special diesel fuel that is intended for only cold temperatures. These fuels can handle the cold, making sure that the fuel doesn’t gel.

2. Proper Drainage of Water from the Separator

Proper drainage of the generator’s water separator holds significant importance when winterizing a diesel generator in China. To escape problems such as a sudden decrease in the performance of the diesel engine, you should also replace its filters. If the water travels to the generator engine, it will cause problems. It will get worse if the water in the engine freezes up because of the extremely cold temperature outside. To counter this problem, you must replace the generator’s water absorbent filters prior to storing your engine. Also, make sure that you properly drain the generator’s water separator.

3. Regular Check is Important

Generators are machines and machines can malfunction anytime. Therefore, it is important that you regularly inspect your diesel engine for possible errors and problems. Look for possible radiator leaks, plugged hoses, and cracked belts on a regular basis. These are the things that you can do yourself without professional help. You should also take a look at the levels of antifreeze coolant to avoid extra issues. Make sure that the battery of your generator is in good health. Clean the terminals of the generator battery properly. Keep in mind that the battery drains very quickly in cold.

Before storing any generator equipment, you must not forget to disconnect the ground cables of the battery. It will make sure that they do not drain because of extremely cold temperatures. If you have to keep the battery connected, you should use the trickle charger that makes sure that the battery has a full charge when you want to start the generator.

3. Inspect the Exterior

To winterize a diesel generator in China, you must inspect its exterior. You can do several things to ensure that the exterior of the generator is safe and clean. For example, you should remove any residue, dirt, or dust present on the generator. After completing the cleaning process, you can find and grease the unpainted parts of the generator. It will protect the exterior of the generator from harsh weather. Use wax to keep off-road chemicals, salt, and snow. Moreover, you should always keep cleaning sprays and use them over time to prevent erosion and rust during the colder season.

4. Timely Maintenance

Even the toughest diesel generators can have problems at some point in time. These machines usually have a long lifespan, but they are not built to last a lifetime. However, with timely maintenance, you can enhance its lifespan. More importantly, you will always find your diesel generator ready to work. Therefore, we recommend that you should consider timely maintenance of your generator, especially before winter comes.

You should check all nuts and screws yourself to ensure that they are in a good shape. Carefully inspect your generator for possible damaged components or parts. If you find some, replace them immediately. You should also inspect the electrical system clamps and fasteners and the fuel to make sure they are perfectly fine. If you ever notice unusual sounds or low performance, you should call a professional for an inspection.

Remember that you can avoid a big problem by identifying and fixing it in its initial stage. If you don’t consider timely maintenance, even the smallest issues can turn into worse problems that might be very hard to deal with.

Final Words

Winterizing a diesel generator in China or anyplace else where the weather is so cold is extremely important. You can keep your diesel generator up and running flawlessly by following the simple things we discussed in this article. Most of the things we discussed are the ones that you can perform yourself. However, you can ask for professional help if your backup generator is not in great shape and you are unable to turn it on. Always hire experienced and reliable diesel generator professionals if you want your generator to perform at its best.

If you need further assistance on how to winterize diesel generators, feel free to contact us anytime.


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