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1.7KW~6.5KW Diesel Portable Generator

Victory always develops products from the customer's point of view, we strick to improve the performance of diesel engine,such as combustion efficiency, fuel consubption, exhaust emission, noise level, etc. Up to now, Victoy Portable Diesel Generator is widely used for a diverse range of needs, such as an emergency power source in the event of a power failure, outdoor construction work, outdoor leisure activities and for disasters and other emergencies. There are two types of Portable Diesel Generator: Open Type & silent type.The open skid mounted generator can have optional wheels and hand kits, electric start or recoil start.Victory portable diesel generator sets adopt different diesel engines and brushless generators.Generally adopt 1-cylinder & 4-stroke & air-cooled engine, low fuel consumption, high reliability;It is easy to maintain as adopting brushless A.C. Generator and CDI ignition system. The types of generator sets are quick-starting, stable-running, little vibration, low noise, light weight, small volume, compact structure.


1. 100% Output and 100% copper wire.

2. Electromagneic type breaker to protect the generator being damaged.

3. Big enough free maintenance battery, world famous brand.

4. Packing with Strong and thick enough carton box to protect the gensets during long transporation.

5. Every spare parts suppliers are choosed extremely stricted, to control the quality well.

6. A part of spare parts are produced by ourselves, which could save cost for customers greatly.

7. Waterproof canopy ensures protection against ingress of dust and water. All Victory generators meet or exceed relevant standards for noise and emission legislation.

8. A range of industry recognized engines are used to ensure the best power source for the size of generator is used.

9. Adopt spray powder-coated painting materials to keep the generator non-corrosive in extreme environmental conditions


Frequency 50Hz, 3000RPM, Single-phase voltage 220V, 230V, 240V, etc.

Three-phase voltage 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V, etc.

Frequency 60Hz, 3600RPM, Single-phase voltage 120V, 127V, 277V, etc.

Three-phase voltage 208V/120V, 220V/127V, 480V/277V, etc.

Power Factor: 1.0

Protection Standard: IP21-IP23

Model of Connection: 1 phase 2 lines, 3 phase 4 lines

Insulation Grade: H

Power Range: 2KW-5.5KW

Starting System: Recoil or Electric

Govern System: Mechanical

Air cleaner: Dual element

Rotor & Stator: 100% Copper wire

Fuel Tank: 8~10 hours continuous running under full load.

Soundproof Canopy: Waterproof canopy ensures protection against ingress of dust and water, and at same time, it can effectively reduce the noise

Easy folding handles: Wide, positive lock folding handles offer convenient transport and storage and a more compact unit.

Mutiple outlets for easy connection of multiple tools.

Protects the generator by shutting the engine off when low oil is detected.

ATS (Automatic Transfer System), The optional system is provided with a fully automatic transfer switch, a control electric apparatus and an indicator light on the control panel and is coordinated with an automatic type contral cabinet, thus serving the fuction of automatic changeover between the power supplied by the grid and the power generated by the genset.

1.7KW~6KW 50Hz Diesel Portable Generator

Frequency (Hz)505050505050
Rated.AC output (KVA)
Max.AC output (KVA)
PhaseSingle phaseSingle phaseSingle phaseSingle phaseSingle phaseSingle phase
D.C. output/V-A12/8.312/8.312/8.312/8.312/8.312/8.3
Power factor(cosΦ)
Alternator typeSelf-excited,2-pole,single phaseSelf-excited,2-pole,single phaseSelf-excited,2-pole,single phaseSelf-excited,2-pole,single phaseSelf-excited,2-pole,single phaseSelf-excited,2-pole,single phase
Material of winding100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire
Starting systemRecoil or ElectricRecoil or ElectricRecoil or ElectricRecoil or ElectricRecoil or ElectricRecoil or Electric
Noice level at 7 M (dBA)798082828282
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)12.512.512.512.512.512.5
EngineEngine ModelLA170FGLA178FGLA186FGLA186FAGLA188FGLA188FG
Type1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine
Speed (rpm)300030003000300030003000
Displacement (cc)211296406418474474
Compression ratio20:0120:0119:0119:0119:0119:01
Max. Output3.8HP (2.8KW)5.5HP(4.0KW)8.6HP (6.3KW)8.6HP (6.3KW)10HP (7.4KW)10HP (7.4KW)
Rated Output3.4HP(2.5KW)5.0HP (3.7KW)7.7HP(5.7KW)7.7HP(5.7KW)9HP(6.6KW)9HP(6.6KW)
Max. Torque9.5N.m11.9N.m18.7N.m21.4N.m21.4N.m21.4N.m
Fuel Consumption≤430g/kw/h≤420g/kw/h≤400g/kw/h≤400g/kw/h≤400g/kw/h≤400g/kw/h
Lubracation SystemPressure splashedPressure splashedPressure splashedPressure splashedPressure splashedPressure splashed
Lube oil capacity (L)0.751.11.651.651.651.65
Net weight57kg70kg87kg88kg88kg88kg
20ft Container168PCS144PCS102PCS102PCS102PCS102PCS
40ft Container348PCS296PCS210PCS210PCS210PCS210PCS
Optional  FeaturesHandle   WheelsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Three phase voltageYesYesYesYesYesYes

2KW~6.5KW 60Hz Diesel Portable Generator

Frequency (Hz)606060606060
Rated.AC output (KVA)2.0 3.0 4.6 5.0 5.5 6.0 
Max.AC output (KVA)2.2 3.3 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 
PhaseSingle phaseSingle phaseSingle phaseSingle phaseSingle phaseSingle phase
D.C. output/V-A12/8.312/8.312/8.312/8.312/8.312/8.3
Power factor(cosΦ)1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 
Alternator typeSelf-excited,2-pole,single phase Self-excited,2-pole,single phase Self-excited,2-pole,single phaseSelf-excited,2-pole,single phaseSelf-excited,2-pole,single phaseSelf-excited,2-pole,single phase
Material of winding100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire100% Copper Wire
Starting systemRecoil or ElectricRecoil or ElectricRecoil or ElectricRecoil or ElectricRecoil or ElectricRecoil or Electric
Noice level at 7 M (dBA)78 81 84 84 84 84 
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)12.512.512.512.512.512.5
Engine ModelLA170FGLA178FGLA186FGLA186FAGLA188FGLA188FG
Type1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled, diesel engine
Speed (rpm)360036003600360036003600
Displacement (cc)211305406418456456
Compression ratio20:0120:0119:0119:0119:0119:01
Max. Output4.2HP (3.1KW)6.0HP(4.4KW)10HP (7.4KW)10HP (7.4KW)10.9HP (8.0KW)10.9HP (8.0KW)
Rated Output3.8HP(2.8KW)5.4HP (4.0KW)8.6HP(6.3KW)8.6HP(6.3KW)9.8HP(7.2KW)9.8HP(7.2KW)
Max. Torque9.5N.m11.9N.m18.7N.m21.4N.m21.4N.m21.4N.m
Fuel Consumption ≤430g/kw/h≤420g/kw/h≤400g/kw/h≤400g/kw/h≤400g/kw/h≤370g/kw/h
Lubracation SystemPressure splashedPressure splashedPressure splashedPressure splashedPressure splashedPressure splashed
Lube oil capacity (L)0.751.11.651.651.651.65
Net weight57kg70kg87kg88kg88kg88kg
20ft Container168PCS144PCS102PCS102PCS102PCS102PCS
40ft Container348PCS296PCS210PCS210PCS210PCS210PCS
Handle & WheelsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Three phase voltageYesYesYesYesYesYes


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